Armed Defense Around Vehicles

This course is more of a science experiment that a skill development class. Students will experience the Predictable Inconsistency of what happens when bullets and Cars interact. As one student said during the debrief: “This information drives our Tactics.” Understanding at a more-than-superficial level what happens when bullets and cars interact informs how you think about fighting around them, which then drives the positions and angles you should practice as part of your skill development. This course gets deep into the WHY we say things like “don’t crowd your cover” or “cars are concealment for you, cover for your threat.”

Students will have the opportunity to experience and witness a variety of typical interactions between bullets and vehicle parts & surfaces. Each student will shoot from inside of the vehicle to see how glass affects the flight of their rounds and will participate in several controlled shooting sessions to test penetration and skip through and off of many exterior and interior surfaces. Students will fire ball and carry ammunition from rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Positions around the vehicle and the best uses of a vehicle as cover will be discussed as well. This is a comprehensive live fire “vehicle ballistics” class. The results of each shot are reviewed and explained. The interior of the car is dissembled throughout the day to show why the bullets are doing what they are doing. 


Ammunition Requirements:


100 Rounds of Training Ammunition

20 Rounds of Defensive Ammunition

Rifle (optional):

25 Rounds of Training Ammunition

5 Rounds of Defensive Ammunition

Shotgun (optional):

5 Rounds of Buck, 5 Rounds of Slug.

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