Counter Ambush Seminar

This one day seminar is about HOW and WHY your should train for personal defense, especially for the unexpected defensive shooting.

This one day seminar is meant to help educate people interested in personal defense and the most efficient and effective ways to approach training for unexpected encounters.

The Counter ambush One Day Seminar details comprehensive training options for how to survive a deadly surprise attack. The fact is, few deadly encounters are ever seen coming. In fact, most attacks are actually more like an ambush, a complete surprise attack delivered with little to no warning.

The one day seminar will focus on the following questions and much more…

  • How will your body react when startled or attacked?
  • What are your body’s natural defenses and how can you fully take advantage of them?
  • What defensive shooting techniques work best under stress?
  • How can you use the power of Recognition to respond more efficiently?
  • How can you set yourself up to survive an unexpected attack?
  • The Counter Ambush Home Study Course will answer all these questions and more as you learn about the Neuroscience, Physics and Physiology of training for personal defense.