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Michael Dasargo – San Diego, CA

(619) 917-9017||http://www.10xdefense.com



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Mike Dasargo is a Certified Protection Professional and is currently an Executive Protection Detail Leader assigned to protect Fortune 50 clients.

He has over 5 years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, and has volunteered to serve as a Tactical/Combat Medic for FEMA DMAT CA-4.

Mr. Dasargo is owner and founder of the San Diego Fighting Arts Academy and has 20+ years martial arts training and teaching experience.  He has utilized his collegiate studies of Kineseology, Sports Psychology, and Neuroscience to develop an in depth understanding of training methods and training specificity.

Why CFS:

Combat Focus Shooting is the most concise and scientifically developed program designed for counter-ambush defensive shooting.  The training methods closely mirror martial arts training methods that prepare you for the fight.

Most shooting programs are heavily focused on the limited relevance of “tack-driving” accuracy, which is similar to limiting martial arts training to how hard you can hit.  Both these paradigms overlook defensive considerations and the necessity to develop recognition skills, reflex, and how to cognitively process the overall event.  In Combat Focus Shooting, shooting is the easy part.  The CFS program is largely comprised of cognitive demands while balancing speed and precision.

The CFS program is the leading training program that utilizes the latest evolutions in science and training methods.  As a martial artist and EP Agent, I can delcare with integrity that there is no other relevant program that will prepare you for defensive shooting the way CFS can and will.


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