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Sandy O’Neal – Milton, FL

850-902-3292|| www.defensivepistoltraining.com


Sandy is the owner of Defensive Pistol Training located in the Pensacola, Florida area.  She conducts firearms training for Concealed Weapons License in the State of Florida.  Sandy is certified as a Combat Focus® Instructor and Defensive Firearms Coach.  She is also certified by the NRA in Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Home Firearm Safety, Range Safety Officer and Refuse to be a Victim. 

Why CFS:

After receiving my Florida Concealed Weapons License, I realized that I wasn’t sufficiently trained to be able to defend myself with a handgun.  I immediately sought out additional training.  My training began with the NRA firearms training programs.  I became an NRA Certified Instructor, but still felt that the information that is taught in those disciplines really was enough.  I was looking for more in-depth shooting training…more than just understanding grip, stance, sight alignment/sight picture and trigger press.

And then I took a Combat Focus® Shooting course from Rob Pincus and everything that I learned during the course just made sense.  It just works!  There just isn’t any other firearms course like it.  The courses under the umbrella of the Combat Focus Shooting program will help you understand the science behind your body’s natural reactions and teach you to integrate those into your training.

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